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HOW TO PLAY:  Read the questions below each month.   A survey will go out prior to the end of the month to all POHMS Active and Associate members.  You will submit your answers via the survey.  The person who answers the most questions correctly will be the winner of a $25 Amazon gift card.




August Trivia

The 2007 Fall Conference was in Hershey, PA.  The title was "Oncology Practice Management, Prepare to be Amazed!"  What was the entertainment at the Thursday dinner event: A Mind Blowing Night of Comedy? (Hint: we've had this person more than once as an entertainer.  Amazing!)

The registration fee for the 2007 Fall Conference was:

In Preparation for next month's Trivia, what was the theme for the 2008 Fall Conference?
Baseball Series

Tie Breaker:  What year did POHMS create its GPO, CHOC?  (no one answered this correctly yet)

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July Trivia

What did POHMS originally stand for?

In 2007 Andrew Bloschichak, MD was one of our speakers, where was he from?

In 2007, The Spring Conference theme was:  All That Jazz.  Where was this conference held?

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June Trivia

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Prior to officially registering POHMS as a non-profit organization several Practice Administrators met to discuss issues that everyone was facing such as, drug purchasing, problems with insurance carriers.  It was decided to officially organize POHMS because PA Oncology practices were dealing with the same issues. 

To help start the funding of the POHMS organization each member contributed a flat amount.     What was that amount?


The first official Board of Directors consisted of how many members?

Where were the first meetings of POHMS held?


Tie breaker:  Back in 1995 what was the Allied member dues fee?  Allied members are non-practice members:  pharma, lab, etc



MAY Trivia

The person who answers the most correctly will be the winner of a $25 Amazon gift card. 

May's winner is:  Maryann Wingate

Where was the March 2-3, 2006 Spring Conference held?
   Harrisburg Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center in New Cumberland, PA
   The Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA
   The Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA


What location was a regular meeting site for Bi-Monthly meetings?
Marriott West in West Conshohocken, PA
Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa in Farmington, PA


POHMS Board of Directors from 2005 had 9 members.   Who is missing from the following list of members?  Hint:  it was someone who was very involved with the POHMS Board for a very long time, up until approximately 2015.

Michele Ritchie Barbacane

Sharlene Bence

Joyce McCorkle

Paula Thompson
Eric Laskowich

Naren Srivastava

Maureen Borawski

Karen Pagano

Henry Whitlark

Tie Breaker:  What year did POHMS create its GPO, CHOC?


APRIL Trivia

POHMS 7th Annual Fall Conference was held Nov. 8-9, 2001

Where was this conference held?

  • Hotel Hershey

  • Nemacolin

  • Philadelphia

  • State College

What event was held at the Dinner during this conference?

  • Olympic Rally

  • Murder Mystery

  • Football

  • World Series

What were the registration fees for the Active and Associate members for this conference?

  • $150

  • $200

  • $75

  • $100

Bonus question:

  • Was there any group transportation provided to this location? 

  • Answered correctly:  3 extra entries

  • Additional information: 5 extra entries

  • Two or more bits of additional information:  10 extra entries

Questions will go out in a survey form to PAID Active and Associate members on Friday, April 26, 2019.  Deadline for entry is Tuesday, April 30 at 4 pm. Winner will be announced Wednesday, May 1st.




March Trivia

When the first Spring States Meeting was held?

What was the date?

  • April, 2003

Where was the location?

  • Dover Downs, DE

What was the theme?

  • Oncology Conference Rallye


Congratulations to our first winner: 

Kristine Lebaudy from GYN Oncology of CNY!


Other facts about this Conference:

First Spring States Conference with NJ, PA, VA (Later years included other states!)
The Registration fee was $50/person!!
The guest room rate was $125/night!
Speakers included: 
  Bobbi Buell who was with Documedics at that time! 
  Susan Keane Baker on Minimizing Litigation and Talking Service Excellence (two separate 
  HOLN was going strong