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PA Legislators Address School Counselor Ratio

Some Language Clarification Needed

PSCA is aware of the recent introduction of HB 1401 and the soon to be introduced Senate Bill 650 to increase access to school counselors at the national recommended ratio of 250:1. PSCA supports the 250:1 ratio recommended by ASCA and the bills’ intent to ensure access to services for students.

There is, however, some other language in the proposed bills that PSCA believes need to be amended or clarified to in the best interest of school counselors. We are in conversation with legislators to address these concerns. As we clarify the language in question, we will reach out to you for action on the bills.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in this matter and willingness to help out regarding this legislation.  Contacting your legislators is always a good idea, and your voice as a School Counselor is very important.

PSCA leaders are on top of this and will keep you informed about clarifications and next steps. We ask that you wait briefly to see PSCA's response and the elements of the current bills that we feel need amended for the betterment of school counselors. Watch for updated news on the PSCA website and through e-blasts from the Association.

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