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SB 749 (

was introduced and referred to the Senate Education Committee on Monday, June 10; it is a companion bill to HB 1500 (ttps://

which was introduced and referred to the House Education Committee on May 23. These important pieces of legislation would increase access to school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, and school nurses, and would, among other things, mandate a state-wide student-to-counselor ratio of no more than 250 students per one school counselor.

Both the House and Senate Education Committees are addressing the companion bills.

PSCA supports the language and intent of the bills and encourages school counselors across the Commonwealth to become familiar with the contents of both. As more information is gathered about the progress of the bills in the respective education committees, updates will be provided on the website, in the PSCA eXTRA and/or and through e-blasts. A “CALL to ACTION” plan is being finalized and will be shared with the school counseling community in the near future.

Stay tuned. Individuals who have an interest in being a part of the government relations committee that is developing the plan, may express interest by contacting


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