Why Should I Become a PSCA Member?

Professional Identity:  PSCA provides school counselors with a professional identity and membership in a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting the role of school counselors.

Online Resources:  Online Members-only resources for school counselors are available for all levels of counseling: Elementary, Middle, and High School.

E-Blasts:  Members receive monthly e-blasts from the PSCA Leadership regarding current issues relevant to school counselors.

Newsletters:  PSCA publishes an informative and professionally inspiring newsletter.

Directory:  All members receive an annual Free Directory and Planning Calendar

Conferences:  PSCA members receive a reduced registration rate for Local, Regional and Annual Conferences.

Government Relations:  PSCA maintains legislative contacts in Harrisburg, and participates actively in legislative concerns pertaining to counselors and their employment settings, and maintains a significant presence at the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

"Grass-Roots" Representation:  PSCA operates within an organizational structure of officers, chairpersons, and unit representatives which makes available a direct line of communication for concerns of individual school counselors.

Ethics Committee:  PSCA has an Ethics Committee which is charged with giving support to counselors when they become involved in situations which revolve around the unethical action and/or treatment of school counselors.