Dick Bylund

Age: 50
Save Date: 11/04/1993
Activity: Watching his son's football game
On November 4, 1993, I was watching my 14-year old son play in a high school football game. I was a 50-year old man with no history of heart disease. I suffered a cardiac arrest and woke up 10 days later.

When I collapsed, a fellow teammate's mother stepped up and started CPR. No one had a cell phone. It was after school hours, so another parent ran to a neighbor's house to call 911.
The Fremont Fire Department had added defibrillators to their protocol about 6 months prior to my cardiac arrest. When they arrived, it was clear that my heart had stopped and they needed to use a defibrillator.

After 5 shocks my heart started again and I was alive. The protocol at the time was to stop after 3 shocks. The paramedic saw my son and thought about his pregnant wife who was expecting their first child. He decided not to stop after 3 shocks and continued.

I don't remember anything about the event and I did not regain consciousness for 10 days. I do still keep in contact with the paramedic, whom I refer as an "angel," along with the nurse who started CPR, the friend who ran to call 911 and the medical staff at Washington Hospital.

Having the chain of survival in place is the only reason I am here today.

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