Iowa's 2008 Activity Report

February 23: Held a presentation by Michaela Gagne, Miss Massachusetts, and also had a booth where they passed out inforomation.

April 1: EP Lab Digest published a Q&A article that discussed the origins of the afiiliate and the importance of AEDs and SCA awareness.

April 5: Business Record published an article about chapter leader Mary Tappe's SCA and AED Access for All.

April 10: The affiliate with the AHA demonstrated how AEDs work to state senators and other attendees at the Iowa State Capitol.

June 5: Affiliate members manned a both where they demonstrated AEDs and explained their importance.

June 7: At the 2008 Start! Heart Walk, 14 walkers collected nearly $3,000. Affiliate members also hosted a booth, where they demonstrated AEDs and CPR.

July 9: A local TV station ran a news story about a report on free cardiac screenings.

July 10: A local TV station ran a news story about a report on AEDs in public.

July 14: Iowa Affiliate in conjuction with SCAA and Defibtech, donated an AED to urbandale Middle School in honor of Ethan Middleton, an SCA survivor. A local TV station ran a news story about it.

August 7-9: With Medtronic, the Iowa Affiliate manned a booth at the Iowa State Fair, met people, demonstrated CPR and AED use.

August 16: Participated in the Run For Your Life walk and run, which benefited the Iowa Heart Foundation. Demonstrated CPR and AED use.

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