Ryan Clarke

Ryan Winokur

The light of my life was extinguished on March 17,2011.  My son, Ryan, fell victim to sudden cardiac arrest.  He was healthy, athletic and extremely active.  He turned 30 on Monday and died on Thursday.  My last memory of him alive was him pulling away my house in his car, birthday cake in tow,  with his window down he waved to me and said "Love you Mom"  The next time I saw him the EMS was doing CPR and using the AED.  It was too late though at least 8 minutes had gone by without any care.  My heart is so broken and I am looking so hard for a way to heal it.  Ryan had been married for 1 year 9 months to the love of his life Gina.  Prior to that time he worked as a firefighter and EMT and had the opportunity to save many lives.  He wasn't rich or famous. He was Ryan and I am so proud of the man he became.  His autopsy was completely normal, nothing abnormal at all and that makes it even harder to accept.

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