Harvey Tarshis Hero Story

My name is Harvey Tarshis, and live in Davie, Florida with my wife Minna. I am writing this story in hopes that it reaches as many people as possible.  Though the story may be a good human interest one, it is meant to make people more aware of how on any given day they may be able to save a life as mine was. I have no memory of the entire day, or even the day before this incident. All the events were told to me by the physicians, my daughter Cara, my wife Minna and the man who saved my life.

I suffered (sca) sudden cardiac arrest on Nov 11, 2009. I was playing golf at Jacaranda golf club and was found slumped over in my cart. Miracle of miracles one of the men, in the foursome, Kirk Conners, administered CPR instantaneously. Kirk kept up the CPR until the paramedics arrived. I received charges from a defibrillator and was ambulanced to the hospital, less than one mile away. At the ER I was treated with the Arctic Sun blanket, a cooling blanket that reduces the body temperature so the blood re-oxygenates at a faster rate to reduce neurological damage. I was in a coma for three days. After awakening they said I did not suffer any damage.

 I am a very lucky man. My doctors call me the Miracle Man. Kirk is our Miracle Man. He was there at the right time and knew what to do. He saved my life. The phenomenal paramedics, ER nurses, ICU Nurses and doctors preserved my life. We are all awed and humbled by the work these people do. I am thankful for those in my group for the speed in which they helped get the ambulance to me. The fatality rate of the thousands of people who die from CARDIAC ARREST yearly is a staggering 93%. At least half of those could have been saved if someone was there and knew what to do.  To honor the man who saved my life, I urge you to become certified in CPR. Be prepared to save a life. Please contact the American Red Cross to find your local chapter.                                            

                                                 BLESSINGS TO ALL,

                                                 Harvey and Minna Tarshis


Harvey Tarshis

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