The Shocking Truth -- Florida's Defibrillator Law

From: Huffpost Miami

Sadly, when Florida high school soccer player Abel Limones, Jr. collapsed during an intramural match, his coaches, players, principal and even school nurse ignored an available AED that sat idly by on a nearby golf cart as CPR was performed. Eventually, 911 was called. The child went nearly 23 minutes without resuscitation. By the time Fire Rescue arrived, the boy was left with catastrophic brain damage. Today, he lives in a constant vegetative state requiring 24-hour care.

The family, heartbroken and outraged, sued Lee County's School District and School Board for negligence in failing to use the AED to jump-start the boy's heart. The circuit court judge dismissed his case forcing the family to appeal.  Florida's 2nd District Court of Appeal recently heard the case, affirming the dismissal, finding that "the... School Board had no common law duty to make available, diagnose the need for, or use an AED on Abel."

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