Southeastern student saves toddler after giving her CPR

From: Enterprize

Merissa Cardoza can recall the lessons at Southeastern Regional High School  where she learned CPR.

She knows the steps – check the airway, breaths, compressions.

The senior in the health services program hopes to be a nurse someday but it  was last week that she got her first real lesson in the field.

Cardoza, 18, of Sharon, and a few friends were driving down Prospect Street  in Brockton on April 8 when they had to stop because the driver of the car in  front of them had stopped in the road and was out of the car.

The group of high school students got out to see what was going on and found  the man was in desperate need of help.

“He was frantic about his baby and he told me she wasn’t breathing and her  eyes were rolling in the back of her head,” said Cardoza.

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