Ogemaw County paramedic hopes teaching free CPR classes will help cut down on cardiac arrest deaths

From: The Ogemaw County Herald

The moments between a person going into cardiac arrest and the arrival of paramedics can be critical toward the survival of the victim, according to Ogemaw County Paramedic and Course Coordinator for Pre-Hospital Medicine Mike Bowers.

“It can be seven to 10 minutes before the paramedics arrive on scene (after calling 911),” Bowers said. “If blood isn’t flowing, even if we get pulses back, there’s nothing left in the brain to sustain life. There can be so much damage in seven or eight minutes that there is nothing left to sustain functional life.”

Because of that, Bowers has deciding to start a free program to teach people how to perfume hands-only CPR.

“The goal is everybody from 7 to 70,” he said. “I specifically have taken on the idea of doing it for everyone in Northeast Michigan. I want everyone from ages 7 to 70 to learn hands-only CPR. It would make a huge difference in saving lives in Northern Michigan.”

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