Lewisboro Officer Saves Man's Life

From: Rye Patch

Tom Ritchey said he was in the "right spot at the right time" to keep a Vista man from dying in front of his daughter.

It was a Sunday patrol like no other, said Tom Ritchey, a Lewisboro Police Department officer of 22 years.

He was driving down Tribrook Drive in Vista late in the afternoon when he saw a 17-year-old girl running toward him.

"She yelled, 'my Dad just collapsed' and I immediately stopped and called for an ambulance," he said. "I grabbed the defibrillator and oxygen from the police car."

While a neighbor consoled the high schooler, Ritchey was able to roll the man, in his 60s, over onto his back and check for a pulse. When he felt nothing, he hooked up the defibrillator and with one shock was able to bring the man's pulse back.

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