Northbrook residents to be recognized for saving man who had heart attack

From: Northbrook Local Tribune

As the cars Sue Weszt and Brian Drake approached the 2000 block of Cherry Lane in Northbrook on the afternoon of April 14, they saw a man unconscious.

Pulling over, Westz, a longtime cardiac nurse, asked a bystander to call 911 before she approached the victim, a 44-year-old Northbrook resident. He has no pulse.

The victim had been on his bicycle when he collapsed from an apparent heart attack, according to the Northbrook Fire Department.

Drake, 34, came upon the scene on his way home from downtown Chicago with his wife and three kids. A supervisor for the Evanston 911 center, Drake used his radio to notify Northbrook police.

"My initial thought was, 'my gosh there's a person laying in the street, let me see if I can help,'" Drake said.

As he approached the scene, Drake saw several people crowded around the man, who Weszt was evaluating. He asked her what he could do to help. Weszt asked for his assistance in rolling the man onto his back, so she could perform CPR. Drake helped Weszt establish an airway by lifting the man's head and count as she completed chest compressions.

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