Cottage Grove teen's CPR saves dad during heart attack

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Tim Galloway almost died.

At 45 years old, he thought it was just heartburn, but it turned out to be a  heart attack. If not for his 14-year-old son, he wouldn't be here.

Jesse Galloway says his dad has always been a mentor and role model for him.  But on Saturday the roles were reversed.

"Dads want to be the heroes of their sons or daughters," Galloway said. "My  son is my hero to me."

It was Saturday afternoon. Tim wasn't feeling well. He went to lay down on  the couch and suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

"His eyes rolled back so I started doing chest compressions," said Jesse,  recalling the moment.

Then Jesse moved his dad onto the ground and got on top of him.

"I was scared. I wasn't pushing hard enough so every other one I would put my  full body into it to make sure I was doing it hard enough."

By now you know Tim made it.

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