Teen saves dad’s life with hands-only CPR

From: The Woodbury Bulletin

It’s scary enough for a bystander to witness a stranger go into cardiac arrest, let alone a son watching his father go through the ordeal.

A Cottage Grove family was just getting home from a softball game between Park and Woodbury high schools when Tim Galloway began feeling chest pain.

He didn't think anything of it and sat there on the couch ranting about his home team's loss with his wife Lori and son Jesse.

Suddenly the chest pains turned into something more and Tim went into cardiac arrest.

Frantically running around trying to figure out what to do, Lori went to the kitchen to dial 911. By the time she got back into the living room she saw Jesse doing chest compressions on his dad.

The May 11 incident happened just a couple of months after the 14-year-old learned hands-only CPR at church.

Jesse didn’t think twice when he saw his father, 45, unresponsive. Before the dispatcher advised them to begin CPR, he was already doing it.

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