CPR, Induced Hypothermia Help Save Mt. Sterling Patient After Sudden Cardiac Arrest

From: UKNow - University of KY News

On Feb. 11, Richard Klotz's evening work shift began like any other.  The 57-year-old Mount Sterling resident  took his shift break shortly before 9 p.m. After that Klotz doesn't recall what happened -- but his coworkers do.  As his break was ending, Klotz suffered a cardiac arrest and dropped to the floor.

Turns out, Klotz was lucky to be at work when his cardiac arrest happened. Within seconds, his work team sprang into action, grabbing the automated external defibrillator (AED) and performing a constant cycle of CPR/defibrillation until the paramedics arrived. It was the first of several unique medical interventions that helped save Klotz's life.

Pentair, a plant specializing in products used to enclose, protect and cool critical electrical and electronic equipment components located in Mount Sterling, has employees in each area of the plant and on each shift who are trained to be first to respond to emergencies that happen within the facility, according to Barry Hamlin, director of operations at Pentair.

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