Sudden death in Bentley player raises questions about EKG screening in athletes


The tragic sudden death of 19-year-old Joe Glynn, a Bentley University basketball player, who collapsed during a Monday night game raises the same questions that arise every time a young athlete dies far too early in life: Did he have an underlying health problem that contributed to his death? If so, could the problem have been detected earlier? Would that have saved his life?

Glynn had been playing a recreational summer league game in Watertown with many of his former teammates from the Middlesex Magic AAU club, and he never had previous health problems, according to one of his former coaches who spoke with me.

“He was healthy as a bull,” said Bill Boyle, co-director of the Middlesex Magic club in Belmont, “one of the healthiest kids I ever coached.”

Glynn’s cause of death has not yet been determined, according to the Watertown police department, and an autopsy will likely be performed to see if he had a heart problem or a burst vessel due to an aneurysm.

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