Early CPR key to saving Montgomery County resident’s life

From: The Courier of Montgomery County

Daniel Flores is alive today because of early initiated CPR performed by a family member who was coached by a Montgomery County Hospital District dispatcher until EMS crews could arrive on scene, just six minutes after his sister placed the 911 call. Flores was able to thank all involved at a recent MCHD Save Reunion.

“You had great CPR to begin with, and you had some of the best responders in the county. We’re honored to have this day with you,” MCHD District Supervisor Kevin Mifflin said during the reunion.

Flores, 25, was born with a syndrome that directly affects the heart; he has a history of heart attacks due to his condition. On Nov. 3, his sister found him experiencing a cardiac arrest. The family called 911, and MCHD dispatcher Felix Castillo instructed Flores’ brother-in-law on how to administer CPR. Within six minutes, MCHD and South Montgomery County Fire Department personnel arrived and took over CPR as Flores was intubated and an IV established.

“If your brother-in-law hadn’t initiated CPR so quickly, there may very well be a different story today,” Mifflin said.

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