Bus driver revives McKinney student with CPR

from: Star Local News

School bus drivers aren't required to know CPR. Fortunately for 14-year-old Dakota, a special-needs student, her bus driver does.

Driver Linda Wilson likely saved the Evans Middle School student's life last month. She performed CPR to revive an unresponsive Dakota before paramedics came and handled the rest.
"I looked up in the mirror and saw she was having a seizure, so I pulled the bus over gently and waited for her to finish," said Wilson, who has driven routes seven years for Durham School Services, contracted by McKinney ISD. "Then she got abnormally limp and her chest wasn't moving. I didn't feel or hear any air coming out."

Dakota, who cannot talk and is wheelchair-bound, has been one of Wilson's frequent passengers for three years. On this day, she was on Wilson's and assistant Guadalupe Solis's first route.

They picked her up shortly before 8 a.m. and were in Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney near their second pickup when the seizure happened. Solis had never been around one, Wilson said, and quickly alarmed her driver.
Wilson radioed in the situation and their location, then with Solis removed Dakota from her wheelchair and laid her on the floor. She did what came naturally.

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