CPR saves baby Kobe

From: Nor-West News

A Plunket nurse saved a baby's life on the spot when the 6-week-old boy stopped breathing. 

Kumeu-based nurse Amber Morton was chatting to the mother who was breastfeeding her baby Kobe Young at their Waimauku home when the emergency happened. 

"She looked down and jolted out of her seat saying that the baby had turned blue," Amber says. 

"She was in complete shock and passed the baby to me. It was clear he wasn't breathing - he had no pulse and his eyes had rolled back in his head. 

"The mother called 111 and I started rescue breathing and CPR. After a little while he coughed and then started crying and began breathing on his own. 

"It was so scary and the mother did the best thing she could do - which is to call an ambulance." 

Mum Caitlin Young is grateful to Amber for saving her son's life. 

She says it took two minutes for the infant to start breathing again. 

"It can all happen very quickly - that's the scary thing. You need to be aware of CPR for babies. 

"He basically was a healthy looking baby that had a slightly runny nose that just stopped breathing." 

At this time of year coughs and colds can cause congestion in infants' airways, putting them at risk of respiratory distress, Amber says. 

She urges parents to learn infant CPR so they can cope with any life-threatening situation. 

"We always think that nothing like this will ever happen to us. But babies are precious and it's so important that anyone caring for children knows how to resuscitate them if the worst should happen." 

Many community organisations offer first-aid courses. 

"I would encourage every parent to get themselves along to one," Amber says. 

Visit plunket.org.nz for information.