Heart attack victim thanks good Samaritan bystanders for giving CPR

From: The Republic

The last thing Home Depot employee Bryant Bearfield remembers before his 5'10" frame came lumbering down and the back of his head smacked the concrete floor was selling a customer a lawn mower.

"People told me later it sounded like a watermelon splitting open," the 63-year-old Juneau resident said, pointing to the gash which required eight stitches.

As he lay unconscious near the checkout lines at the front of the store, the head gash was the least of his problems. He had just collapsed from a heart attack.

Luckily for him, people were nearby and helped save his life. The good Samaritans who rushed to his aid gave him Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until Capital City Fire/Rescue arrived on scene with a defibrillator and a waiting ambulance.

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