Combat instructors fight off death, save students' life


The morning of May 26 started like any other day for Sgt. Kirby D. Kuhn and Sgt.  William P. Goodacre, Company F, Combat Training Battalion, School of Infantry – East combat instructors. They brushed their teeth. Put their uniforms on. Then,  headed to work to train the Marines freshly graduated from Marine Corps Recruit  Depot Parris Island, S.C., in advanced weapons techniques.

As their  platoon finished its practical application exam of the M203 grenade launcher,  Goodacre walked behind the formation. He heard a choking sound as one of his  Marines fell to the deck aboard Camp Geiger, a satellite base of Marine Corps  Base Camp Lejeune, N.C .
“As soon as that happened, I ran over there and  told all the students to look forward and said for a fellow instructor to get  the students out of there and around the corner from where we were and to call  911,” Goodacre said. “It looked like she was seizing so I tilted her onto her  side and yelled for a corpsman.”

The young Marine stopped breathing.

Kuhn ran over to help Goodacre get the student Marine to breathe again.
“When I ran over, Goodacre had a female Marine on her side because that’s  what you are suppose to do when the victim is seizing,” Kuhn said. “She was  blue, very blue, and her lips were purple. We decided immediately to perform  cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”

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