Schlitterbahn Lifeguard Saved by Fellow Lifeguards, EMS, Airlife

From: Listen Live!

A 21-year-old lifeguard supervisor at Schlitterbahn who underwent a sudden cardiac arrest last week is alive and recovering thanks to the swift work of his fellow lifeguards, New Braunfels EMS, and a team of doctors at University Hospital in San Antonio.

Schlitterbahn says that last week Tuesday, 21-year old lifeguard Joshua “Brody” Rester was going through his daily pre-opening duties at the waterpark when he felt dizzy and then suddenly collapsed.

His fellow lifeguards started performing CPR, called 911, and called park EMTs for an AED or automated external defibrillator.

New Braunfels EMS was on scene in minutes and the Schlitterbahn team had Rester ready for transport after they re-establishing his pulse using the AED. 

Airlife, which happened to be in New Braunfels refueling at the time, was alerted, and New Braunfels EMS had him on the helicopter and headed for University Hospital in San Antonio within minutes. 

That’s when doctors took over and, after using a built-in defibrillator, they had him breathing normally again.

He was later released from the hospital to recover at home.

A special ceremony was recently held at Schlitterbahn, honoring the work of the water park’s lifeguards and New Braunfels EMS.

Rester and his family were on hand for that ceremony, and he thanked all of those who helped him get through his health scare.

And he reminded those gathered that he’s proof that cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at anytime, and he said he was just glad it happened at the park where his fellow lifeguards were so well trained to handle such a situation.