Neighbors perform CPR to save mens' lives

From: ABC2 News

A few errant life jackets, ropes and watercraft line the beach at bay ridge  less than 24 hours after Jamie Martin and some other young boaters got caught in  a ferocious storm here.
"We're running down the beach because we hadn't secured a piece of  equipment, like lifejackets and a couple of paddle boards,” said Martin, “Connor, who's my boyfriend, followed me out because I'm scared of thunder and  he didn't want me being alone if I got scared."
As the wind picked up and the thunder grew louder, martin says she and  19-year old Conner Benson, along with 23-year old Alex Steele, all started  racing even faster to gather up the last of their equipment.
"A moment before we were able to run inside, I looked at Connor and I said,  'Grab the lifejackets!' because they were starting to fly everywhere.  So I  got in the bushes and I was picking up the lifejackets and I was like two feet  from Connor and I heard a crack and I felt a jolt and then I just started  screaming and running back to the house."
The two young men lie motionless on the beach, as a 911 call came into Anne  Arundel County emergency managers.

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