Man reunited with 3 Good Samaritans

From: MyFox Atlanta

They were strangers more than a month ago, but now three people are forever linked through the life of Ernest Smith.

The 72-year-old crashed his pickup truck at a Covington intersection after suffering a heart attack last month.

Newton County Sheriff's Cpl. Charles Cook was close enough to hear the impact. He helped start the CPR.  Katherine Stephens, a nurse at Grady Memorial Hospital, stepped in to help.

"I was very concerned because it did take a while," Stephens said. "Even after the shock, the pulse did not come back strong but at least we had a little bit of a pulse."

The shock said from an AED from Covington Police Officer Brian Capps' squad car. Thanks for the Covington City Council, all patrol cars are equipped with AEDs.

"Right before I hit the button I'm like, ‘Please Lord, let this work,'" said Capps.  "And it did.  And here he is.  And it's a lot higher power than me."
Smith said, "I'm just thankful that God put people in place. I am a firm believer in that."

Smith has no memory of the event that took place under a summer thunderstorm and downpour.  He got to thank all his heroes in person on Thursday.

"God is an awesome God, and just to see them, I feel like I want to cry," said Smith.

Covington is one of the few police departments that equip patrol cars with AEDs.  The Newton County Sheriff told FOX 5 that he would like them for each of his patrol cars too.  Stephens says without it, they would not have been able to revive Smith.