Redmond, Bellevue first responders save missing woman

From: Redmond Reporter

Two Redmond police officers, one Bellevue police officer and Redmond fire personnel administered CPR Friday evening to save the life of a missing Bellevue woman.

On Friday, the family of a 74-year-old Bellevue woman reported their mother missing to the Bellevue Police Department. Six hours later, at approximately 7:30 p.m. that evening, the woman was found disoriented by a passerby in the 14000 block of Northeast 87th Street in Redmond. Two Redmond police officers responded and five minutes later the missing woman went into cardiac arrest. The officers began CPR while a third officer, from Bellevue, retrieved a defibrillator. The Redmond police officers performed CPR, paused to deliver a shock with the defibrillator, and then continued CPR as Redmond firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene.

All first responders worked together for more than 20 minutes delivering CPR, additional shocks, medications and airway control until the patient was transported to Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland with a sustainable heart rhythm. The patient is currently in critical condition.

Redmond police are trained in CPR by Redmond fire personnel and this call happened to reunite the actual CPR instructors with two officers they trained.

"Our thoughts are foremost with the patient and her family as we continue to await her condition," said Redmond Police Chief and acting interim Fire Chief Ron Gibson. "This situation exemplifies the importance of first responders working together across departments and city agencies, as well as the utmost importance of knowing CPR."