An Introduction to the SCAA's New Chairman - Steve Tannenbaum

From: The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association

A Message from SCAA Board Chairman, Steve Tannenbaum

Dear Readers and fellow SCAA members:

On May 6, 2009, my heart stopped beating due to a sudden cardiac arrest and I died. Two people came and saved my life and gave me a second chance. My two "Angels" had the confidence, knowledge and training to run towards me, as a sudden cardiac arrest victim, instead of running away. They clearly understood that sudden cardiac arrest really is a matter of life or death.

It is with the deepest gratitude to my two "Angels" and with the continued support of my loving and devoted family that I am honored to announce that I have recently been elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association. I have had the distinct privilege of working on this Board for the past two years with the most dedicated, passionate and selfless group of individuals that I have ever met, with the sole purpose of carrying on the mission set forth by the Association's founders, the late Jack Grogan, Bob Schriever, Richard Brown and Dr. Vince Mosesso. I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful work of my predecessor, Jeff Micklos. During his term, the SCAA reached several impressive milestones-welcoming 8,000 members, launching the Keep It Beating program and developing the First Responder Toolkit for EMS providers.

As we go forward, the SCAA’s Board will dedicate itself to support and to work hand-in-hand on a regular basis with our chapter leaders, our chapter members and our sponsors to combat the crisis of sudden cardiac arrest. We will stress a Community CPR/AED Program designed to make CPR/AED training more effective and more accessible to our communities, as we have an obligation to teach our neighbors that "911 is not enough." We are additionally in the process of preparing the following programs, amongst others:

1.  A Community Dietary Program designed in conjunction with hospital Cardiac Care Rehabilitation & Maintenance Program Staff and Dietary Technicians;

2. A school program designed to educate and train high school students in CPR/AED usage;

3. A Coaches Clinic to address concussion and sudden cardiac arrest concerns;

4. A First Aid Course and a Medical Kit; and

5. A Speakers Bureau, with the goal of training speakers who are knowledgeable of SCAA's programs and products.

In an endeavor to provide state of the art education, support and services to Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivors and their families, we are ready to deliver the results of our landmark COPE 2012 study (Cardiovascular Outcomes, Psychosocial Education), prepared by Dr. Samuel  Sears and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association in partnership with the Medtronic Foundation. The study has received high level peer review acceptance in the scientific community via presentations to the Heart Rhythm Society and the American Heart Association.

As the stories in our Keep it Beating newsletter demonstrate, the programs that exemplify SCAA’s mission are successful and continue to grow thanks to the leadership of the staff, the dedication of our supporters and the hard work of our chapters. Please feel free to contact me at any time at with suggestions, comments or thoughts about SCAA and its mission.

I look forward to working closely with you to make our mission and vision a reality and I encourage you to join me in saving lives. We can only do this through passion and commitment to our cause. As we go forward, lives will be saved because of our work and not just because of luck. Remember that every life saved is a victory.

With great gratitude,                 

Steven B. Tannenbaum

SCAA Board Chair

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