On same day 2 off duty Cherokee Co firefighters save strangers with CPR

From: Marietta Daily Journal

Two off-duty firefighters from Cherokee County on the same day performed CPR on  strangers, becoming true heroes to those whose lives they saved.

Lt. John  Bennett and Lt. Mike Malone were in different places Aug. 2, but both used the  training and knowledge they learned from being firefighters to help out when  strangers stopped breathing.

Bennett has been a firefighter for 22 years,  and has worked with the Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services for about 15  years. He said that being able to save people is rare.

“It is an amazing  feeling,” Bennett said. “I know that it’s rare that you get to get a save, and  that you get somebody back when they go into cardiac arrest. It’s a good feeling  whenever that happens, to be able to make that much of a difference, not only in  the life of the person that you saved, but in their family, too.”

Bennett  said that he was at the Medford Funeral Home in Marietta after the death of his  wife’s grandmother when a man stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest  last Friday, and said the wife and children of the man were there when it  happened.

“My wife’s grandmother had passed away and we were at the  funeral home in Marietta, and one of the people who was at the funeral home  visiting, as they were leaving, collapsed in the parking lot,” Bennett  explained. “One of my wife’s cousins came and got me because they knew I was  medically trained.”

There was no Automated External Defibrillator  available, and Bennett said that he felt kind of helpless without the medical  equipment he usually has when he’s on duty.

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