The SCAA Industry Partner Program—A New Brand of Partnership

The SCAA Industry Partner Program—A New Brand of Partnership

We’re No. 1 – and we’re not very proud of it!

More than 300,000 Americans continue to die each year from sudden cardiac arrest. That’s more than die from breast cancer, prostate cancer, HIV/AIDS and house fires combined! That makes sudden cardiac arrest the number one killer in the nation, and that’s a crying shame.

When the SCAA launched our new Industry Partner Program, we knew that this was the most ambitious and diverse support program ever developed and launched by the association. We need the support of good companies – companies ready and willing to join with the SCAA in partnership –to combat this national crisis.

Bill Carney, Executive Director of the SCAA, feels that the SCAA, together with industry partnership, will be able to prevent needless cardiac death through education, training and understanding of the need for screening and early detection of heart problems.

“We need support from every possible source,” says Carney. “We’re looking beyond the obvious support points such as defibrillator manufacturers and heart treatment centers. We want life insurance companies, health care providers, professional sports organizations and every business small or large to understand that they have a very real stake in what we’re doing. Too many Americans – male and female, young and old – are dying every few minutes because we’re not prepared to take the simple, basic steps it requires to save them. The SCAA promotes the placement of automated electronic defibrillators in every public and private venue, screenings for young adults, and we are helping train hundreds of thousands in basic CPR and AED use. We need industry partners to help us with this national crisis, and we won’t turn away any level of support.”

Organizations, like yours, who are looking to partner with the SCAA to eradicate needless deaths from sudden cardiac arrest, should look at the detailed brochure on our 2013 Industry Partner Program complete with an application.  Anyone interested in the program is encouraged to call Bill Carney on his direct telephone line at (703) 234-4128.

It’s time to end this national tragedy. Sadly, without the support of good companies like yours – companies ready and willing to join with the SCAA in partnership to combat this national crisis – we will not prevail. Please lend your support today.


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