Police save man’s life with defibrillator

From: Lancashire Evening Post

Heroic police officers worked tirelessly to bring a grandad back from the dead after finding him collapsed and lifeless.

Brian Finnigan, 44, who lives in Coppull, near Chorley, suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest while painting the bridge at Charnock Richard motorway services.

Luckily for Brian, police officers were in the right place at the right time and after discovering Brian, they performed CPR before shocking his heart with a defibrillator fitted in a police car.

Brian, who is married to Angela and has two children and five grandchildren, said: “I was technically dead for about 20 minutes, but the team of officers worked like mad to save me with chest compressions.

“They then used a defibrillator which had recently been fitted into the back of their police car to shock my heart into working again.

“They were all true heroes and without the defibrillator, I would definitely have been a goner.”

The drama unfolded while Brian was working during the night painting the bridge at the services where he works in maintenance.

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