Mike Carr

Age: 58
Save Date: 8/31/2002
Activity: At the beach

On the day of my SCA, August 31, 2002, I was body surfing with my brother and nephew on Duxbury beach. As I was walking out of the water and onto my porch, I collapsed. My brother's screams for help brought an "Angel," a beach visitor who came towards me with a flowing white beach coat billowing behind her. The "Angel," Leslie Croci-Reed, just happened to be an ICU nurse at Framingham (Mass) Union Hospital and her son-in-law is an EMT. For 18 minutes they performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. She also insisted that the paramedics continue CPR, and get the defibrillator from their truck. The paramedics said, "But Miss, look at his face." Leslie said, "I do not care--I've been working here for 20 minutes, I just have a feeling." Five minutes later, the paramedics had a pulse. After being brought to Jordon Hospital in Plymouth I was airlifted to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Today I have lost 25 pounds. Things are not stressful now in my "wonderful life." I can't imagine what the odds are that my brother's cries for help would have brought this "Angel" into my life. Leslie and I have become very close; we share our life experiences and have fun as very close friends.

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