Paul Huff

Age: 62
Save Date: 1/7/2004
Activity: At university

Call it fate; call it being in the right place at the right time. Whatever it was, it saved my life. My heart once again pumps blood through my body because of the combination of circumstances that occurred on the evening of January 7, 2004. Those circumstances included two Colorado State University students Adam Klatskin and Mark Wisthoff, a fellow adult runner and the recent installation of an AED in a athletic facility on the CSU campus. While participating in the CSU Adult Fitness Program, I went into cardiac arrest while running on the indoor track. Other members of our group, including program supervisors, were in another part of the facility down the hall in warm-up activities. Luckily, one other runner had come onto the track just after I had dropped face down, unconscious. He immediately ran for help. The two CSU students on duty were trained in CPR and the use of the newly (two weeks) installed AED at the campus athletic facility. They acted quickly and professionally to bring me back before paramedics arrived. Time elapsed was estimated to be approximately 4.5 minutes. After five days in the hospital I underwent quadruple bypass surgery on January 13th. The medical team placed wiring for a possible implant. After assessing the situation, they chose to implant a combination pacemaker/defibrillator on January 16th. In mid-February I was able to enter into a rehab program from which I graduated on May 3rd. Thanks to Adam and Mark, the great medical staff, the professional and encouraging rehab staff, and the support of my wife, family and friends, I am back once again with my friends in the Adult Fitness Program, and enjoying a very normal lifestyle.

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