Phil Kezele

Age: 48
Save Date: 7/7/2002
Activity: At home
There was a loud noise/crash in the kitchen. The kitchen floors are made of stone travertine, and the sound of me hitting the floor awakened my wife and my step-daughter. My wife knew that was not an ordinary sound and left the bedroom to see what had happened. My wife said when she arrived she heard this "gasping" noise coming from me and instinctively knew that was not good. She immediately called for her daughter and her son to come to assist her. The next few minutes were a blur, but in that time, they kept their cool and called 9-1-1. My wife sent my step-son up the street to get the doctor. (My family doctor lives three doors up the street). According to 9-1-1, they arrived within six minutes of the inbound call. I was still lying on the floor and they moved me to the family room and determined that I needed to be defibrillated. I'm not sure how much time elapsed from that first "zap," but I was immediately transported to Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. I was later diagnosed with SCA from an electrical problem in the heart.

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