Rodney Koser

Age: 63
Save Date: 7/11/1993
Activity: At festival

On July 11, 1993 I was dancing with a group of square dancers on a float in the PIONEER DAYS parade in Morris, Minnesota. The parade was over and we were giving exhibitions in the park. I had danced one Tip and was resting and talking with other dancers, when I collapsed. Some square dancers caught me, cushioning my fall. Our dance caller announced over the loud speaker for someone to call 9-1-1. Four nurses, from the Morris Hospital, were in the crowd and were on the scene in less than 30 seconds. They quickly evaluated the situation, gave mouth to mouth resuscitation and CPR and also closed chest massage. A doctor was also in the audience and was soon on the scene. He did closed chest massage and supervised CPR. An EMT, who lives next to the park, was quickly there also. After moving the crowd back, he took turns giving CPR until the ambulance arrived. My heart was stopped for six minutes. At that time, the doctor defibrillated me and I was moved to the intensive care unit at the Stevens Community Memorial Hospital, where I received the best of care for the next two days. On Tuesday, I was flown by helicopter to Abbott-Northwestern Hospital. I received 6 bypasses the following Monday, and was discharged on July 27. I recovered 100 percent. The nurses, the doctor, the EMTs, the ambulance crew (that furnished the defibrillator), and the hospital staff saved my life.

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