Kelly Mealman

Age: 15
Save Date: 3/20/2003 
Activity: On trampoline at friend's house

On March 20, 2003, 15-year-old Kelly was at a friend's house. She and her friends, Lacie Schulte and Elizabeth Bader, were outside jumping on a trampoline and shooting baskets. As they returned to the house, Kelly suddenly collapsed.

At first, Lacie and Elizabeth thought Kelly was just playing around. When she didn't respond to their questions, they realized Kelly was in trouble. Lacie and Elizabeth did not panic, but took immediate action. Elizabeth called 9-1-1 and Lacie started CPR.

Less than two minutes later, Blaine Police Officers arrived and quickly used an AED to revive Kelly. Once the police officers arrived on the scene, Lacie called Kelly's parents, who came to the scene. Ambulance personnel arrived soon after, and stabilized Kelly.

Lacie's father, Don Schulte, is a paramedic. He assisted the ambulance personnel and rode to Unity Hospital in the ambulance with Kelly. From there, Kelly was transferred to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, where she recovered and received an ICD.

Because all of Kelly's rescuers acted quickly, and the Blaine police officers had an AED in their vehicle, Kelly made a full recovery. Although she must avoid strenuous physical activities, she is enjoying all other activities available to a sophomore in high school.

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