Stuart Thompson

Age: 38
Save Date: 4/22/2003
Activity: At health club

On April 22nd after a 25-minute workout, I dropped. The guy next to me said I looked fine right before it happened. Apparently I was shaking so badly that they assumed I was having a seizure. Someone called 9-1-1.

After about two minutes a man I had never met before came into the gym. He said there was a group of people standing around me, seemingly paralyzed. He checked and determined that I had no pulse and just began CPR. He continued for four minutes.

Someone ran over to another building to get the club's AED. Nearby, an EMS crew was heading back to their station after the end of their shift. They saw the call come in and jumped the call.

Speaking with one of the EMTs, he said it was 4.5 minutes from the time the call came in to the time he was standing over me. The average response time in Wake County is 12 minutes.

When he came in, someone told him I was having a seizure. He looked at me and said "No. He's dead." The pros took over and using the club's AED, they shocked me twice to get me out of VF.

I was taken to Raleigh Community Hospital about three miles away. I was unconscious for 14 hours. By Thursday, I was taken out of ICU and moved to Duke University Medical Center about 25 miles away. The doctors there were sure that I had a major blockage. A

fter a heart catheterization, MRI, and EP study, they deemed me as having Idiopathic Ventricle Fibrillation. They implanted an AICD on April 29. On April 30, I was discharged.