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Mexico, Me, Med-Care- Western Maine Affiliate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association is pleased to announce that it has deployed an Automated External Defibrillator to a private business. Recently the device was deployed at Oxford Federal Credit Union. Med-Care is proud to be a conduit for businesses such as this to be so forward thinking and educated and caring for their employees, members, and visitors. Understanding the potential for a possible situation and being prepared to deal with it is such a powerful statement by Oxford Federal Credit Union.

Director of Community Outreach Laurieann Milligan – We are pleased to see businesses taking on this proactive approach to the safety and well being of their staff and customers. We hope it is one that will create a trend throughout the region for other businesses to follow that wish to add an additional level of security within their business. Milligan states we are proud to be serving the community in this capacity. Our mission is to be here for our residents and the overall public and now within our businesses. We are proud to be deploying these units along with the awareness training that will empower individuals to take action.

It also opened our eyes to the fact that we have not advertised and marketed AED’s to local businesses and to the fact that these devices are available for their purchase through our organization for this type of use.

This falls directly in line with our mission being part of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association as well as the Heart Safe Community program. Providing Public Education on Cardiac Arrest Risk Factors, Providing Public Education and CPR training, Deploying AED’s, and ensuring that the entire chain of survival is accomplished within our region to eliminate sudden cardiac arrest by 2020 are all part of our goals and objectives at Med-Care Ambulance.

If anyone is interested in additional information on AED’s or if they would be appropriate to consider within your business or home please feel free to give Med-Care a call and speak with Laurieann.

Director of Operations Dean Milligan - Having deployed over 150 AED’s throughout the River Valley Communities in a multitude of strategic locations it may now be time to focus on deploying them into the local businesses and large gathering facilities. Having these devices in businesses and facilities that will surely provide peace of mind and second chances at life for their employees, customers and visitors gives a great feeling of satisfaction to all of us here at Med-Care Ambulance! As our logo states we are “In it For Life”.  

For more information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest please visit

Purchasing an AED for your school, church, business, private residence call for suggestion and training opportunities

Med-Care Ambulance, Laurieann Milligan 207364-8748



February 24, 2018
Five Universities Recognized as HEARTSafe CAMPUSES


March 10, 2014

 The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) Presents Awards to Heroes
 The 21st Annual Conference National Collegiate
Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF)
Boston, Massachusetts


Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) Vice President Bob Schriever presented awards to student Heroes at the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation annual meeting in Boston.  The colleges and universities receiving the awards for saving one or more lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims were:Binghamton (NY) University; University of Delaware; Harvard University; George Washington University; University of Illinois; Rice University; and the University of Vermont.


Each recipient received a boxed “Save” pin, a framed “Certificate of Heroism” award, along with a framed “The Saving of a Life Story” stating the circumstances of the save, and the recipients’ name and school.


In addition to presenting the awards, SCAA maintained a booth displaying the awards which provided an opportunity for SCAA and NCEMSF members to learn more about one another’s aligned missions. As one result, a large number of individuals have signed on to become individual members and several schools have signed on to become Campus Chapters of SCAA. SCAA previously had approached the NCEMSF and asked permission to approach their membership to join SCAA as Campus Chapters.  Schriever noted, “SCAA’s relationship with NCEMSF is just beginning to bloom . . . SCAA has been invited to return next year to the NCEMSF annual conference in Baltimore, MD and once again to provide the Hero awards”.  Mary Tappe, the recently elected Chairperson of SCAA welcomed the new category of Campus Chapters at SCAA’s most recent Board meeting.


NCEMSF is the organization of college campus EMS services with a membership of over ten thousand students on approximately 250 campuses.  SCAA is the single chapter oriented organization in the United States focusing exclusively on combating the sudden cardiac arrest crisis by eliminating preventable deaths and supporting those who have been affected.


Lisa Levine and Lois Capps

SCAA, in cooperation with the Congressional Heart & Stroke Caucus, joined other members of the SCA Coalition to host "Take a Stand Against SCA" on October 26, 2011, teaching the basics of Hands Only CPR and AED use to members of Congress and legislative aides. Commemorating October as National SCA Awareness Month, the event raised awareness of the public health crisis of SCA, CPR and use of AEDs and legislation aimed at increasing bystander intervention through public education and access to life-saving devices. An award was presented to Representative Lois Capps (D-CA) for her longtime support of heart-healthy, education and emergency response measures, including the newly introduced Teaching Children to Save Lives Act.

Lisa Levine and Phil Roe

Representative Phil Roe (R-TN) also was recognized for recently providing lifesaving assistance to a man experiencing SCA at a North Caroline airport. "AEDs are really idiot-proof," commented Roe, a former obstetrician/gynecologist now serving his second term in Congress. In addition, Dr. Ben Abella, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Emergency Medicine, Center for Resuscitation Science, and member, SCAA Medical Advisory Board, provided a medical overview explaining how government involvement is critical to reducing loss of life from SCA. The program also included SCA survivor presentations, featuring SCA survivor and AED advocate Pamela Bonin who shared her personal experience and called attention to early implementation of the chain of survival giving victims a better chance at survival.



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