HEARTISTRY Patient Education DVD

The Art of Caring for Your Heart

HEARTISTRY Patient Education DVDThe HEARTISTRY Patient Education DVD, provided courtesy of Boston Scientific, offers an overview of heart and blood vessel basics, conditions, tests, and treatment options.

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HEARTISTRY Patient Education DVDHEARTISTRY is provided for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace any doctor's advice, evaluation, or diagnosis. It does not suggest any form of medical treatment.

Ask you doctor about the risks associated with the therapies, tests, procedures, and medications presented here. Results may vary from patient to patient. Always talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment or program.

Track 1. Heart and Blood Vessel Basics

Track 2. Heart and Blood Vessel Conditions

Track 3. Electrical System Conditions

Track 4. Tests

Track 5. Treatment Options/Medications

Track 6. Treatment Options/Procedures

Track 7.Risk Factors You Can Change

Track 8. Risk Factors You Cannot Change

Track 9. Heart Attack and Stroke Symptoms

Boston Scientific is dedicated to providing patients and their families with information regarding cardiac rhythm management therapy so they can make informed decision. To learn more, visit www.lifebeatonline.com or call toll-free (800)CARDIAC (227-3422).

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