Christopher Bader

Save Date: July 15, 2008
On Tuesday, July 15, 2008 my 53-year-old husband fell down in front of my eyes. We were walking in the woods with our three dogs. I pulled the cell phone from his pocket, performed chest compresion-only CPR as per the newest AHA Public Service Annoucements. He not only survived but made it without any brain damage.


Earlier this year, on February 21, the same thing happened, except this time at home. I sort of did CPR that I remembered from my girlscout days. This time I felt confident and did a far better job; instead of four days in a coma, this time he came out of it within the same day. Now , of course, he has a ICD which hopefully means I will not get any more resuscitation practice.

AHA with their PSA saved my husband's life. Thanks for not letting me be a widow.

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