Genevieve Williams

Save Date: May 7, 2007
Location: Snellville, GA

At 4:00 am on May 7, 2007 I woke up with chest pain that spread out my arms and up to my jaws. I knew it wasn't indigestion so had my husband call 911 and get me an aspirin. When the EMT got there they started IV's, gave me nitro glycerin and oxygen and rushed me to the ER. Before we left the house I told my husband to call the person in charge of the prayer chain at church. At the ER I was attached to all kinds of machines but seemed to be stabilized. When I complained of being cold my husband pulled out the pair of socks he had thought to bring with him and started putting them on me. I was chattering away one minute and flatlined the next.

I found myself in a large hall just filled with people. I asked my escort, a man in a three-piece white suit, what was going on. He said, "It's a party for you. These are all the people you have ever known." I said, "Wow!" I looked up on a little balcony and there were Mom and Dad. He was also in a three-piece suit and had a big smile on his face. Mom had on a flirty cherry red dress with shoes to match. The shoes had bows on them. Her hair was bobbed and she was so happy to see me she was dancing. They were both young and beautiful with not a gray hair on their head.

The next thing I knew my husband was brushing my cheek and telling me he was there. I had gone into cardiac arrest and they had to use the defibrillator - twice. I had no pain when it happened but Jim said that by then I was pretty full of morphine. I did put myself in God's hands throughout the whole experience, just asked Him to be with me thru whatever happened. I wasn't afraid and was ready to go if that's what He had in mind for me. Evidently that wasn't the plan.

When my heart restarted and they got me stabilized they shipped me to the primo heart hospital in Atlanta to have a stent inserted.

I was in the hospital for four days. I went thru cardiac rehab for several months then returned to my Silver Sneakers exercise group at the local gym. I'm on several medications for my blood pressure, cholesterol and to keep the stent from clogging. Took them a while to get the medication adjusted properly. I felt drained of energy most of the time but I'm doing better now.

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