Hugh Findlay

It was Friday, July 13, 2007. I was at the office working on a very difficult computer conversion of a management system involving fifteen users and three locations. I was working sending the data base to a Michigan location and then downloading the results, no mistakes allowed. I decided to break for supper and went home (my first lucky break). We were eating dinner when I suddenly said "I'm going out!" I fell on my wife breaking her foot. When she managed to pull herself out from under me, she called 911. My second break occurred. Our fire department, where I serve as Moderator, has the best medics around and a team and truck were just leaving the local hospital, about a mile away, when the call came in. The operator radioed the truck and told them to turn left and go to my house. A team of six medics and two police patrols assembled and started to treat me at once. When they brought me back and got me stable, they transported me to the hospital where the doctors and nurses took over.

Another lucky break, here on Cape Cod we have some of the best cardiologists available and they treated me properly and expeditiously. Finally the lead doctor told my wife he had done everything he could and it was now up to me. I did not become aware of my surroundings for six to seven days although my family says I spoke to them and others and gave them information and passwords essential for completing the job I had been doing. Several days later my wife was able to take me home and said she would care for me even with the broken foot and the boot she had to wear.

With her love and care and the help of great doctors I have completely recovered with perhaps a little loss of short term memory. I am eighty years old but I am back to work every day but with shortened hours. I am continuing community and church work as chairman of our church's building committee and we are just completing a $600,000 project. I still sing tenor in the choir and will be singing solo this Christmas. Frankly I feel better than I did before the incident, partly because I have lost over thirty-five pounds, eat more sensibly, exercise in the cardiology rehab center three times a week, rest regularly, and take my medication properly.

With a little more of my good luck (and God's help), I hope to squeeze out another ten years of my stay here on earth.

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