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Between five to eight percent of those suffering an SCA survive – approximately 15,000 – 20,000 people survive SCA in the U.S. annually. Ninety percent of survivors suffer impairments to acts of daily living and the adjustment period of a post event is between 6-12 months. With such staggering numbers, little has been done to provide psychological and emotional support to patients and their families. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association recognizes this void and has developed COPE (Cardiovascular Outcomes; Psychosocial Education) as a resource for SCA survivors and their loved ones. COPE also provides resources for healthcare professionals caring for SCA patients. In addition to information on emotional, psychological, and neurological issues, you will find information for those suffering from brain trauma, and medical research, studies, and resources to assist healthcare professional provide greater support to SCA survivors.

COPE is brought to you to help provide a better understanding of the issues facing survivors…and to provide resources to the healthcare providers caring for patients. This site is updated often as more resources are identified. Bookmark COPE and visit often. Send us comments on the resources you find helpful, and on information you seek.




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