First On The Scene Toolkit

Each year, approximately 300,000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). First responders play a critical role in the chain of survival, and it is our hope that first responders and EMS will join our efforts to increase awareness of the public health crisis of SCA. The First On The Scene Toolkit provides suggestions and powerful tools to use in your public outreach efforts. EAs first responder, you serve on the front lines of critical care, often making first contact with patients in a time of most need, and we welcome and value your partnership in raising awareness of SCA and the public’s role in increasing survival from SCA.

First on The Scene Toolkit Brochure

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1.0 Is Your Community Aware of SCA?

2.0 About SCAA

3.0  Resources and Recognition for EMS/First Responder

4.0 EMS/First Responder Educational Opportunities

5.0 Chain of Survival Activities to Implement in Your Community

6.0 Fundraising Ideas for EMS/First Responder

7.0 Quality Assurance/Improvement and Research

8.0 SCAA Educational Resources

9.0 Survivor Stories

Thank you for helping raise awareness and saving lives. For more information and to connect to a local chapter, please contact SCAA at

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