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SFE's Banking Law Information Service is a valuable member resource for all areas of payments laws and regulations, including: ACH operating rules, wire transfers, check products, card products, federal regulations, Uniform Commercial Code, OFAC regulations, Bank Secrecy Act, USA PATRIOT Act, ECCHO rules, and more. Scott Jones, a Partner in the law firm of Adams and Reese LLP and counsel to SFE, provides this service to SFE and our members. With Scott's help, you can get answer to your most basic questions free of charge, and often without establishing an attorney-client relationship. What's more, even complex questions, or advice concerning a particular factual situation, or where you need legal advice on which you can rely in a particular situation, Scott can be available as counsel at a discounted-rate basis (subject to you and Scott first agreeing to an engagement letter setting forth the terms of the representation).

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