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Southern Ohio Synod e-bulletin for the Week of July 10, 2019

Stronger and better together: 
Joining Jesus in the restoration of the world! 

Synod News

Pr. Drew Tucker receives Lutheran Campus Ministry’s '2019 Hess-Pierson Award'

'I was lucky enough to have Drew Tucker as my small group leader at the ELCA Discernment Retreat in Georgia where he wasn’t afraid to ask tough questions that made me stop and think.'

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Steps for Your Congregation to Participate in Thrive

There was a lot of excitement at the Synod Assembly about the Thrive Campaign and how it will benefit congregations and rostered leaders of the Southern Ohio Synod. Here are steps every congregation is asked to take in order to seriously consider taking part in the campaign … and join in the growing excitement.


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June 2019 Pp Cartoon  

Parish Paper for June 2019 ready for download and sharing--'Overcoming volunteer burnout by building capacity'

Vital congregations reach out to strengthen the communities where they are located. But where do congregations get the strength for mission?


Elizabeth Eaton Presiding Bishop ELCA  

We belong to the truth

Read Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton's column in Living Lutheran, July 2019


Partners and Affiliates

Nationwide Children's Hospital hosting 'Hot Topics' workshops for clergy and lay leaders

September 13, 2019: Hot Topics For Religious Professionals And Youth: Suicide, Cannabis, Sexuality/Gender

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