Financial institutions and corporate members across the Midwest choose UMACHA as a key resource to enhance their understanding of electronic payments. We're known for our extensive knowledge base, our high quality services, as well as our national presence in the payments industry.

We serve over 740 member banks, credit unions, affiliates, and partner organizations located in Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Our Vision
We will become the extraordinary and distinctive provider of knowledge and services for payment system stakeholders.

Our Mission
We are a best in class provider of payments services, demonstrating our knowledge, professionalism and passion through our quality and dedication to members and stakeholders.




JasonJason Johnson, AAP
Associate Director of Education Services

What is Your Role at UMACHA?
I assist UMACHA in the delivery of payment-related educational content to their membership.  This includes the creation & delivery of webinars, hosting in-person events, answering member phone calls/emails, & educating myself to better provide for our members.

What are Three Words to Describe UMACHA? Passionate, helpful, friendly

What has Been Your Favorite Project at UMACHA? I really enjoy being involved in the training we conduct for those interested in sitting for the AAP exam. It provides a nice blend of webinar training & in-person training on a topic I really enjoy (ACH).  Secondary to AAP training is a current project to re-organize our shared drive folder. All UMACHA departments utilize this drive &, just like any dwelling, it has become a bit messy over the years. I love to take a large number of unorganized items & put them in a proper location. 
Where Would You Like to go on a Dream Vacation? Actually, I feel like I’ve already been on my dream vacation.  In 2018, my wife & I traveled to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada (about an hour west of Calgary).  Between the hiking, the scenery, the people, & the food, I truly couldn’t image a better vacation.  I truly cannot recommend visiting Banff enough!  Just type ‘Banff’ into your google-machine & behold the glory that is Banff National Park.
You are Happiest When? I am happiest when I get to travel with my wife, Nicki.  We make such great travel companions, as we enjoy many of the same activities, locations, & cuisine.  We travel to Tennessee almost every year for a music festival called Bonnaroo, & though we could fly there, we intentionally make the 15+ hour road trip to enjoy more time with one another.

Are You Messy or Organized? Fairly organized unless we are talking clean laundry. Then, throwing the contents of the basket on the spare bed is all the organization I require.
Least Favorite Food? Mushrooms & beans.  The latter is the result of my parents offhandedly calling kidney beans in chili “June bugs” as a joke.  Least favorite animal?  June bugs.  It’s a vicious cycle.