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U.S. Treasury Participation in Same Day ACH

A Message from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

April 4, 2017

As you know, there has been much anticipation of the U.S. Treasury’s decision of if (and when) it might participate in Same Day ACH. We have been engaged in weekly conversations with the Treasury in an effort to ensure a coordinated communication of their decision; however, due to circumstances beyond our control, a large number of ACH Network participants received notice this morning of the Treasury’s Same Day ACH plans. As a result, we wanted to pass along to you the latest update so that you will be prepared for questions you may receive from your members. Please note that additional info will be forthcoming from both NACHA and the Fed in the coming days/weeks with more details surrounding the Treasury’s implementation of Same Day ACH. Also, as has been true all along, the following plans are contingent upon the publication of a final 31 CFR Part 210 rule.

-- Diane Freeman
Marketing and Education Manager
Strategic Business Relations and Outreach and International Development
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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