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Third Party Training Bundle

A total of 5 (10-15min) Modules

Third Parties are the talk of the town and have become highly regulated in both the private and public sectors, but do you really understand what the talk is all about?

WACHA has created a NEW Third Party Training Bundle to ensure that you know and understand the requirements of being a third party or doing business with a third party. This series of modules will identify each type of third-party and define the actions each performs in the ACH network. The series will also look at third party rules, audit requirements, risk management practices along with the agreement requirements. 

  • Identifying Third Parties
  • Third Party Rules and Risks
  • Third Party Agreements
  • Third Party Scenarios
  • Auditing Your Originators and Third Party Senders

Special Introductory Price of $299 | Non-Members $598 
(5 courses for the price of 4)


*Includes training for 5 originators ($25 per additional originator)

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