December 2010 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
December 2010
Vince Nobel
Topic: Open

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Monochrome Prints   

1st Dick Wood The Long Winding Road 6
2nd John Enterline Naked Limbs 5
3rd Tom Snide Vertigo 4
4th Eric Erickson Adobe Shadows 3
5th George Clark Rustic Kilbourne 2
HM Eric Erickson Aspens 1
HM Ted Stone Trees and Leaves 1
HM George Clark Moody Alum Creek 1

Color Prints

1st George Clark Morning Fog 6
2nd Sharon Telantnik Soft Focus 5
3rd Beth Armstrong Mountain Cabin 4
4th George Clark Harry Potter's Organ 3
5th Ted Stone Zebras 2
HM Carol Shurlow Squares 1
HM Andrea Fitch Polar Bear at Play 1
HM Wan Jung Harris Hawk 1
HM Stuart Herlan Right Place, Right Time 1
HM Beth Armstrong Rawandan Woman 1

Digital Images

1st Mike Lehner Morning Fog at Sharon Woods 6
2nd George Clark Get Your Duck in a Row 5
3rd Tom Snide Sawgrass 4
4th Paula Hardin Christmas as Franklin Park 3
5th Denise McCracken Winter Bite 2
HM Dick Wood Whoo 1
HM Tina Efaw Reflection 1
HM Brent Mackey Gathering Storm 1
HM Dave Mondiek Stop the Drop 1
HM Audrey Begun Mother and Cub in River 1
HM Ellen Arnold Silence, Vienna 1
HM Ellen Arnold Ghent Reflections 1
HM Paula Hardin Phase Transition 1
HM Wan
Jung Nuthatch 1
HM Denise McCracken Dancing Leaves 1

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