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Time Warner to Debut Service that Lets Viewers Rewind without DVR

By: Tim Cuprisin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Time Warner Cable launches a new DVR-like service without the need for a digital video recorder next week on a limited number of channels.

Start Over will be available starting Tuesday without charge to digital cable customers. The 20 channels where it's available will feature an on-screen prompt.

Viewers can press "select" on their remote control to restart a show from its beginning, with commercials appearing in the same order as they would have in the normal broadcast of the show.

Start Over can be used during the length of a normal telecast, so if you turn on a half-hour show 25 minutes into its run, you can rewind to the beginning.

Time Warner, the largest programming provider in southeast Wisconsin, has been rolling out Start Over in markets around the country since it was first launched in South Carolina in 2005.

Channels equipped for the new service will be: A&E, History, Biography, Nickelodeon, FX, VH1, Spike, USA, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Noggin, MTV, Nicktoons, TV Land, TBS, TNT, Fox News, CMT and National Geographic Channel.


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